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5 Books For Emotional Eaters

I have read many books about dieting, exercise and personal development; these 5 proved to be the most influential to me so I wanted to pass them along to you. 1. Self-Esteem for Women by Dr. Julie White — This is actually a recording of a live seminar. It is presented in a fun way […]


Are You Too Smart For Weight Loss?

People who struggle with losing weight are highly intelligent and very creative.  I have seen people create the most ingenious strategies to keep themselves on track and away from temptation.  They know the calorie counts of every food, the best times during the day to eat and they understand the science behind low-carb dieting. Unfortunately, […]


Use Your Head For Better Weight Loss

So many people in our society struggle with their weight that we can easily start to think that those who live a healthy lifestyle and maintain their ideal weight are simply lucky or have some hidden advantage available only to them.  Yet the truth of the matter is that every one of us possess exactly […]