Best Way To Start A Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

A vegetarian diet is a great way to lose weight and slow down the aging process. If you are wondering how to start a vegetarian diet, this video gives you a few simple steps to follow.

Losing weight and keeping it off comes down to two simple factors: what you eat and how much you move. I would add that your mindset plays a role as well.

The steps that will help you start a vegetarian weight loss plan are as follows:

1. Start slow, you do not have to completely give up meat in one day.

2. Start with snacks – exchange processed snack foods for fresh snacks such as fruits and vegetables. The video also shares a recipe for Chickpea Dip (hummus) and Dried Fruit Balls to satisfy your sweet tooth.

To make the Dried Fruit Balls take a dried fruit such as Dates, Apricots or Pineapples and mix with either almonds or cashews as well as some cocoa powder in a blender or food processor until they come together.

A vegetarian diet can be cheaper than your current diet and delicious and it will likely be healthier than your current diet.

I provide a few vegetarian weight loss recipes in my Free report Quick and Easy Weight Loss, which you can pick up below at no cost.

Dr. Becky


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