How To Lose Weight Fast Without Hunger or Cravings



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After 15 years of helping people lose weight I have answered many questions.


What I have found is that most people want to lose weight and they understand that carrying extra pounds is not healthy and not fun.


The problem is that most people find weight loss advice very confusing. It seems as if every day weight loss advice changes.


This leaves most people scratching their heads in frustration and this frustration leads many to quit trying and go back to eating whatever is convenient.


I don’t want this to be your fate and I have produced a series of videos that were originally sent out to my clients to help them learn how to approach weight loss with confidence.


These videos were very popular and generated a lot of excitement. I have assembled the videos on this special “encore” page so more people could be exposed to the information.


You will notice that the videos mention that I will be back tomorrow with more information. On this special page you do not have to wait till tomorrow, instead, simply scroll down and watch the next short video.



Dr. Becky



Fast Weight Loss vs Slow Weight Loss


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Now you know that jumping in with full effort makes you more likely to stick with your plan and achieve results.


But what happens when you find change hard?


Most people know that changing their diet will lead to better health and a better quality of life.


They don’t change because they are physiologically addicted to junk food and think it will be too hard to change.


In this next video I will give you solutions to these problems.


If you have ever…


  • started eating a healthy diet and felt worse.


  • made yourself feel better by eating junk food.


  • felt foggy or fatigued at the start of a healthy diet.


  • felt a deep mental and physical desire for junk food.


…then you will need to tune into the next video below.




Overcome Your Food Addiction for Easier Weight Loss


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Fat, Sugar, and Salt make up many foods that cause us to feel out-of-control when it comes to eating.


These foods are super high in calories and super low in nutrients and this combination creates a continual false sense of hunger that keeps you heading to the refrigerator.


If you are tired of being addicted to food then you need to make big changes.


This can lead to some unpleasant feelings such as fatigue, discomfort, and cravings but as I talk about in the video, you can lessen these withdrawal symptoms and speed up weight loss by choosing the right foods.


This is not just a theory, this is fact and in the next video I will be introducing you to a former food addict who lost 43 pounds in just 8 weeks following our fast weight loss plan.


Start the next video and I will show you how he did it.




Lose Weight Fast and End Hunger and Cravings


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♦ Put An End To Your Weight Problem Quickly and Healthfully In As Little As 8 Weeks


♦ Stop Hunger and Cravings for Junk Food Completely!


♦ Cure Weight Related Problems Such as Chronic Back Pain and Joint Pain


♦ Stop Heartburn, Stomach Pains, and Constipation


♦ Quiet Weight-Caused Snoring In A Matter Of Days


♦ Break Free From Fatigue and Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life


♦ End Swelling In Your Feet and Ankles


♦ Avoid Foods That Cause Migraine Headaches and Mood Swings


♦ Eat For Mental Clarity and End Brain Fog


♦ Lower Your Risk Of Serious Illness Such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Heart Disease


♦ Dramatically Improve Your Health and Regain Your Life!



Follow Along As Dr. Keith Shows You How He Overcame His Life-Long Weight Problem and Get The Information He Now Shares With His Patients On How To Lose Weight Fast And Keep It Off:


With NO Need For Dangerous Drugs


With NO Exercise


With NO Starvation


With NO Calorie Counting


With NO Supplements or Specialty Foods













by Dr. Becky Gillaspy – Doctor of Chiropractic, University Professor, Author, Certified Wellness Coach, and Dr. Keith’s wife.




Do you struggle with your weight? Have you been trying for years to lose the same pounds over and over again and now worry that if you do not get your weight under control soon that you will be in for big health problems? If so, then I can honestly tell you that you are not alone. My husband, Dr. Keith Gillaspy, struggled with his weight for years.


Over the past few years Keith’s cholesterol and blood pressure became dangerously high and he snored loudly. Each morning he would wake with terrible congestion, and as the day progressed his ankles would swell to an alarming degree and his skin would be so oily that the oil on top of his shaved head was visible. We no longer enjoyed going for walks together because it was too hard on his feet and knees. It was hardly the care-free life we had hoped for.


Keith battled his weight for 20 years until he finally found the cure and got rid of his weight issue for good!


My name is Dr. Becky Gillaspy, and I am Keith’s wife, over the past year Keith and we have tested and refined a fast acting clinically proven and scientifically researched system for losing weight permanently. This is a one-of-a kind, nutritionally-sound, and highly powerful weight loss system that only patients in our office got to see before now…



Are ANY of These Emotionally-Draining Symptoms a Part of Your Life?


    • More Than 10 Pounds Overweight


    • Snoring or Sleep Apnea


    • Swollen Ankles


    • Heartburn, Indigestion, GERD, Stomach Pain, Constipation, or Other Digestive Disorders


    • High Blood Sugar, Pre-Diabetes, or Type II Diabetes


    • High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, High Blood Pressure, or Heart-Related Illness


    • Low Self-Esteem or Sadness Related to Your Weight Issue


    • Feeling of Being Discriminated Against Due To Your Weight



If the symptoms mentioned above are lowering the quality of your life, we want to help you ease and ultimately wipe out these symptoms from your life by sharing a safe and easy 4-step healthy weight loss system.


You can end your weight problem permanently, and gain a level of health you thought had passed you by, without having to compromise the quality of your life with costly drugs, surgery, or even exercise. Read on and learn how. We believe so strongly that this program will work for your that we fully guarantee it!



Success at Last!



Before and After Super-Fast Weight Loss


“At 50 years of age, I lost 43 pounds in just eight weeks and I have kept the weight off effortlessly I am even losing more each month.


The weight dropped off so quickly that I was constantly getting comments from friends and family wondering what on Earth I was doing.


I play roller hockey once a week and my teammates couldn’t believe how much freer I could now skate. My parents, live about 1,500 miles away, and had always been concerned about my weight; they were blown away when they came to visit. Losing the weight has also helped my business grew by leaps and bounds due to my new found energy, mental clarity, and giant boost in self-confidence.


After being on the diet for a few weeks I wanted nothing to do with my old eating habits and all of the swelling, congestion, and fatigue that went with them. Nothing has ever worked this fast and been this easy to follow. After 50 years of trying every diet on the market, I have found success at last!”


-Keith Gillaspy, Age 51



4 Vital Truths About Losing Weight That Very Few People Know


After working in health care for the past 20 years and helping people just like you lose weight quickly and easily, I have heard countless false believes that people continually buy into about their weight. The weight epidemic is out-of-control and I need to set the record straight.



Truth #1: Uninformed “Experts” and Misinformation Are Rampant in The Weight Loss Field.


If you have been battling your weight for any length of time, I have no doubt that you have been flooded with tons of confusing advice. If you are like most people, you are so confused that you feel like giving up.


Some diet “experts” tell you that eating a diet low in fat is the only way to lose weight; others tell you that you need to eat fat to lose weight, but you have to avoid unhealthy fats or you will gain instead of lose. Some say that carbohydrates are the real enemy to weight loss; others say that a diet low in carbs will sabotage your body’s ability to burn fat. Some say that eating mostly protein is the healthy and fast way to lose weight; others tell you that eating a lot of protein could pose serious health risks, such as heart attack and cancer.


All of these self-appointed weight loss “gurus” sound pretty slick, but who can you trust?


Well, how about two doctors who have a combined 40+ years helping patients. Dr. Keith and I brought weight loss into our clinic, we learned how to give patients what they want and what they need, we get a lot of referrals, and we take a mainstream approach. We are not selling diet pills, we are not having people waste their time on fad diets, and we are not some fly-by-night company. We expect people who come to us to lose weight fast and keep it off because that is how we set up our system.



Truth #2: Foods That Make You Fat Are Often Labeled As Health Food And Foods That Make You Thin Do Not Get The Credit They Deserve


A “healthy” label slapped on a food item does not mean it will help you lose weight and at worst can make it harder for your body to lose weight. The term healthy is very loosely used and is more often than not a sales tactic designed to get you to buy the product. You want to lose weight, but you are constantly being misled by the media and food manufacturers.


In the same sense, the foods that make you thin and actually have a negative calorie balance (in other words, the more of these foods you eat, the more weight you lose), are never discussed. These foods do not have the fancy labels and happy-go-lucky television commercials but these are the same foods we researched and found for you and that make our program so successful at producing fast weight loss.



Truth #3: It Is Cheaper To Eat Healthy Foods That Promote Weight Loss Than It Is To Eat An Unhealthy Diet


Many people have the misconception that eating healthy costs too much. I will be honest, this issue was a concern for us when we crossed over to a healthy lifestyle. We kept meticulous track of our spending and much to our surprise we actually saved money!


How could this be possible? Well, we cut out a lot of the processed box foods we had been eating, did not buy alcohol, and saved a ton of money by eating at home, instead of a restaurant. By the end of our first month, we had saved over $200 on our overall eating bill.



Truth #4: Hunger and Cravings Have An Off-Switch


This is so incredibly important to your weight loss and none of the self-proclaimed “diet experts” even know about it because it takes some understanding about how the body and brain work together to create feelings of hunger and cravings.


Very simply, you have a system of chemical receptors in your small intestine that monitor the amount of nutrients in the foods you eat. This information is then sent to your brain, which turns on your desire to eat when you are low on nutrients, and turns off your desire when you consume enough nutrient-rich foods.


Most diets totally overlook this simple biological fact and tell you that you will lose weight by eating less food. That is the worst thing you could do! Less food gives you less nutrients so your brain never gets the signal to shut down hunger and you crave foods so badly that in some cases your body wakes you in the middle of the night with cravings for junk food.


If you eat a diet high in nutrients and you eat a lot of those foods, your digestive system shuts off your brain signals for cravings and hunger. This is a scientific fact, yet because there is so much misinformation out there this simple solution gets lost.



How Can This Breakthrough Weight Loss System Help You…


Knowing the Truth about weight loss is important, but what you really want to know is how this weight loss program can help You get rid of this weight problem that has been a part of your life for so long.

AND, you want to know how it can help you reach your goal weight as quickly and easily as possible. So I want to give your just the facts about what makes this system so unique.This Cutting-Edge System will…


♦ End Your Weight Problem Without Hunger or Cravings. 95% of people who follow traditional weight loss programs regain the weight they lost and often they end up gaining more weight. One of the main reasons people fail with traditional dieting is hunger and cravings.


With our Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan you naturally switch off hunger and cravings by giving your body large amounts of foods that are high in nutrients. You do not use some “little-known wonder drug” to trick your body into feeling full, you actually give your body what it wants, lots of good food, and because your body is satisfied, there is no need to keep the stored fat and it drops away.


♦ End Your Weight Problem Without Exercise. Exercise is important and we understand the importance of getting regular physical activity. However, the reality is that many people are too overweight or too sick to exercise safely. Most popular diet plans on the market that advertise fast weight loss require you to exercise to achieve the results they brag about – not ours!


When you follow the Super-Fast Plan you will lose weight fast right out of the gate, whether you are exercising or not. And, you will continue to lose weight each week you follow the recommendations until you reach your ideal weight. Of course, with the added energy you experience, you may discover a new found desire to exercise and this will only enhance your results.


♦ End Your Weight Problem For Good! Short-term results are not what we want for our patients and it is not what you should be aiming for. Many diet gurus recommend that you make small changes to ease into a diet. We completely disagree. Big changes lead to big results and that is what gives you the momentum to make life-long change.


♦ End Your Weight Problem Without Counting Calories. Counting calories is often inaccurate and always tedious. It also keeps your focus on food, making it harder to lose your addiction to fatty and sugary food.


Counting calories is taught as a weak effort to give you some sense of control. The problem is that many obese individuals with slow metabolisms and a genetic propensity to being overweight may see very slow or no results with this method. Even if you manage to lose a few pounds, you need to continually cut your calories to see continued progress leaving you very prone to quitting.


♦ End Your Weight Problem Safely and Protect Yourself From Disease. We are health care professionals first, so we would be doing a disservice to our patients and clients if we were teaching an unhealthy way of losing weight. We are giving you a way to discover a new level of health, one you may have thought passed you by. Because you are consuming the right foods, you are providing your body with natural protection against heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers such as breast, prostate, and colon cancer.


Client Testimonial for Super-Fast Weight Loss











How Can I Help You Lose Weight?



There are so many people out there promising you they have the “magic formula” for weight loss that I don’t blame you if you are skeptical reading my letter. I want to share a few reasons why you should listen to me. I hope you will see that I have the credentials to back up my statements.


I have been in health care for more than 20 years. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and went on after graduation to receive certification as a Wellness Consultant. In addition, I am a professor for a prominent University, authored a book, and acted as an on-air health consultant for our local ABC television affiliate.


I am also a person who formerly struggled with her weight. From an early age I felt addicted to junk food. I would find myself daydreaming in school about what types of sugary treats were waiting for me when I got home. Because of my obsession with junk food, I was overweight and felt constant shame, embarrassment, and insecurity.


So, I have been in your shoes and I do know the crushing pain. Being overweight is not fun and brings a lot of sadness to life. That is why I want to jump out of my skin sometimes to share this amazing weight loss plan.


I battled my weight for years, tried every fad diet, and even sent away for diet pills with zero results. This battle lasted well beyond my young years and continued even after I earned my degree as a doctor.



Years of Hard Work and Studying Were Needed To Bring Me To This Point



Soon after Keith and I opened our practice, it became painfully evident that many of the problems patients walked through the door with were due to out-of-control diets – the same problem that was plaguing me.


I began to question why weight was such a universal problem with people and I started studying hard. I have read everything from best-selling books to researched medical journals on the subject of weight loss. I have accumulated a vast library over the past 20 years.



No Stone Was Left Unturned!



I took this library of knowledge and began meticulously testing every theory on weight loss, often using myself as the guinea pig. Many of the methods and so called “cures” I tried either left me feeling tired, mentally foggy, or on the verge of starvation. If they worked at all the results were always short term.


After years of self-testing with dozens of weight loss programs, such as low carb diets, high protein diets, starvation diets, points and calorie counting, plus every fad to hit the magazine rack; I did consider giving up.


I started to think there was something wrong with my body and that it was a pre-determined and unavoidable fact that I would go through life heavy. The problem was I simply could not accept this fact.



The Solution Had Been Staring Me In The Face!



Dr. Becky Before and After


After years of painstaking trial and error, I found the completely natural and straight-forward solution. The solution had been staring me in the face all along and it was so simple that I had been overlooking it for years. I was a victim of thinking that weight loss had to be hard and painful.


Now it was Keith’s turn, he used many of the simple strategies I had discovered, applied them to his own life, and successfully reversed his own life-long struggle with weight. People coming to his clinic were amazed by his rapid weight loss and he was overwhelmed by requests from his patients wanting help with their weight problems.


Keith began to share his methods and over time we developed a simple 4-step system for losing weight permanently for his patients.



We Were Amazed How This Simple 4-Step System Works For Everyone Equally, Regardless Of Age



We were continually amazed by the power of this simple weight loss system. People who had given up on ever reaching their ideal weight were getting rapid results and regaining their lives. What was even more astonishing was the plan worked for men and women of all ages. Everyone from busy moms to high-pressure business people to retired folks could follow the plan and win at more than just weight loss…


People who eat this way report benefits such as:


Weight drops off as quickly, as much as a pound a day for up to two weeks


Cholesterol and triglyceride readings drop fast


Blood pressure normalizes


Weight-Related problems such as back pain, snoring, bloating, and heartburn completely go away


They feel their youthful energy return


They feel more confident and have higher self-esteem


With these reports we were hooked and excited about the plan. We spent the next year fine tuning our system to ensure that the results could be duplicated for everyone who followed it so we could be confident sharing this plan with anyone from are family members to Hollywood Stars and everyone in between. What resulted is the clinically-proven and scientifically-researched plan we call the Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan.



Major Motivation That Sealed The Deal for Us…


We knew we had something people wanted but what really pushed us to make the Super-Fast Plan available to a larger audience was the need to provide a voice of reason in the health industry where too often the wrong motivation was at work.


“Show me the money” is a phrase that grew out of the Movie Jerry Maguire, but it could be a motto for many players, big and small, in the diet and health industry. The U.S government spends over $20 Billion on price support to benefit certain food industries. This money is handed out to artificially reduce the cost of certain foods. This would be fine except the foods that are provided government price support are not evaluated on health value, but on cost and profit.



Sad Truth: The Recommendations Made By Large Powerful Agencies Like The U.S. Government Are Never Going To Get Your Weight Off and At Worst Could Be Causing You Harm



The USDA food pyramid is based partly on the foods most readily available. Anyone following the USDA guidelines will not be getting the full nutrient values that control hunger and cravings without getting way too many calories.


For instance, your body and brain rely on carbohydrates to run efficiently, but eating six to eleven daily servings of bread, cereal, potatoes, and rice, as the food pyramid recommends, will leave you with a bigger belly and few of the needed nutrients that fight disease.



Over The Years Have You Lost Weight Or Gained?



Most diets cause you to make the same weight loss mistakes you have always made, you might lose a few pounds temporarily, but your weight will continue to climb in the long run. You cannot waste one more minute on the same old tired diet advice.


Out-dated information from sources that have ulterior motives at work are keeping you trapped in an overweight body. Your weight will go away when you feed your body the right foods – You cannot trick your body – you have to work with it, not against it by fixing the core problem!



Most People Do Not Want To Be Overweight But Underplay How Dangerous Being Overweight Can Be


Many people will turn a blind eye to the dangers of their eating habits. Many people prefer not to know about the dangers associated with the foods they put in their body because they are afraid it will interfere with their enjoyment of eating. The truth is, these people have no idea how much pleasure they can have from eating better.


Reality bites hard. Most people do not consider that eating empty calories and junk foods may be as risky as smoking cigarettes. You wouldn’t give your child a pack of cigarettes, because it will lead to cancer and is not socially acceptable. However, if you are like most people, you will drive your kids to the fast food restaurant and sit beside them as you down 32 ounces of soda, fries dripping in saturated fat, and a greasy cheeseburger.


The number one health problem in the U.S. is obesity and being overweight is a major cause of early death. Health complications related to your weight include: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint pain and arthritis, cancer, sleep apnea, gallstones, and numerous digestive disorders.



Listen To Your Body…


Extra pounds crowding your hips and hanging over your belt are warning signals! Listen to your body and learn how to tackle this problem before diabetes, heart disease and cancer strike.


We live in the best possible time for eating a diet that not only allows us to shed pounds super-fast, but also protect us from life-ending diseases. Science and the development of modern refrigeration and food transportation give us access to high-quality, nutrient-rich foods at low cost.


There is no need to look at specialty foods or dried powder shakes to find healthy and fast weight loss, using the foods available today in your local supermarket is all you need.



super fast weight lossThe Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan


The Breakthrough Weight Loss System That Shows YOU How To Lose Weight Faster Than Ever And Keep It Off Effortlessly!


The Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan is a 80-page instantly downloadable e-book, loaded on each page with the information and motivation you need to take advantage of this huge opportunity in history to lose weight rapidly and improve your health.


This plan contains unique powerful techniques for shedding pounds extremely fast based on over 20 years of clinical work with patients.


You will get all of the information you need to eliminate your weight problem permanently without relying on drugs, surgery, or mind-numbing calorie counting.


You cannot find a weight loss plan on the Internet with benefits that even come close to our plan:


PROVEN TO WORK by Real Men and Women Just Like You


Written By TWO DOCTORS with 40+ Years of Clinical and Research Experience


Available IMMEDIATELY by Download


80 Pages LOADED with a Practical Plan Presented In An Easy-to-Understand System


Along with a FREE Recipe Booklet Packed with Recipes Voted FAVORITE By Our Clients



Here Is A Sneak Peak Of What Is Waiting For You Inside Your Copy Of Super-Fast Weight Loss Today:



The biological reason your body goes crazy with hunger and cravings when you start a traditional diet and how the Super-Fast Plan stops hunger and cravings before they start (pg. 9)


Why exercise is not necessary to lose weight when you choose the right foods. (pg. 11 )


The Hidden dangers of Low Carb/High Protein Diets that most diet Gurus would rather you not know about. (pg. 12)


The Complete Story of how we saved $200 in one month by switching from an unhealthy, to a healthy diet and how you can do the same. (pg. 15)


How to prepare your body for a change in diet so you fly out of the gate at record speed and avoid common diet barriers such as fatigue, brain fog, and bathroom issues. (pg. 22)


The Shocking Truth about conventional diets and how they lead serious ailments like osteoporosis, strokes, heart attacks, and certain cancers. (pg. 30)


An Unadvertised Bonus Step you can follow to SuperCharge your weight loss and lose up to a pound every day this month! (pg. 37)


The Full Lowdown explaining exactly how Dr. Keith lost 30 pounds in the first 30 days. (pg. 41)


Why making BIG changes is actually an easier way to lose weight and why it leads to longer term weight loss than making small diet changes. (pg. 53)


The surprising “Health Food” that is keeping you overweight and how to effortlessly remove this food from your diet without removing flavor. (pg. 61)


A color-coded picture representation of the Super-Fast Plan that removes all the guess work and provides you with all you need at one glance. (pg. 65)


Sample Meal Plans that spell out for you what to do on a daily basis to avoid any confusion and speed your results. (pg. 69)


The disturbing reality behind many vitamin supplements and how you can save money every month by avoiding unnecessary and potentially harmful supplements. (pg. 72)


Your continued plan for after the weight is gone that walks you through how to effortlessly control your weight for life. (pg. 74)


And Much Much More! Super-Fast Weight Loss is the complete answer for quick and easy weight loss success – the only true solution out there.



Why The Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan Is Your Permanent Solution



Weight loss is natural for the body when it receives the right nutrients the Super-Fast Plan addresses this issue and eliminates the cause of your weight problem for good. By curing your weight problem using a natural, safe, and proven method it results in permanent weight loss and that can mean…


More Self-Confidence


More Opportunities At Work and Socially


Fewer Doctor’s Visits As Well As Costly and Painful Medical Tests


Better Sleep and An End To Snoring and Sleep Apnea


No More Cravings and Hunger Pangs That Make It Impossible To Concentrate


Less Stress on Your Joints and Back


Clearer Skin and No More Acne


A Permanent End to Heartburn, Constipation, and Stomach Pains


Complete Resolution of Swollen Ankles and Feet


Elimination of Mid-Day Drowsiness and Constant Fatigue


Less Pain Medication and A Cure For Migraine Headaches


A Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Reading Without Medication


A Substantially Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes (Even Reversal Of The Disease)



Here Is How The Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan Works



No matter how long you have struggled with your weight or how severely overweight you are, you can start using this powerful 4-step system right now to get fast results and permanent freedom from your weight issue and its related conditions.


>>The Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan Works By Giving Your Body What It Needs To Lose Fat. By predominantly eating foods that are nutrient dense, meaning they are packed with nutrients but very low in calories, you give your body the winning equation for fast weight loss.


>>The Plan Regulates Your Insulin Levels So Your Body Has A Harder Time Making Fat. Certain foods cause a swift and excessive rise in blood sugar, which causes your insulin levels to spike. Insulin’s job is to pull sugar out of your blood and push it into your fat cells causing your fat cells to swell. The Super-Fast Plan teaches you how to eat a delicious diet void of these fat storing foods.


>>The Super-Fast Plan Cuts Through All The Confusion And Gives You Referenced Facts. Reporters and even news programs seem to constantly bombard us with conflicting facts, no wonder people are confused when it comes to weight loss. That is why our plan is backed by research and tested in our clinic well before it gets into your hands.


>>The Plan Overcomes Natural Weight Loss Barriers That Caused You To Fail In The Past, Such As Hunger, Cravings and Stalled Weight Loss. Like clockwork, your body will shed pounds without the fear of the weight loss plateau so common in lesser weight loss plans. This is because you are feeding your body large amounts of what it wants and a wonderful side effect of giving your body everything it needs is an end to hunger pangs and cravings.


>>The Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan Works And Will End Your Weight Problem When Followed. Unlike many diseases, the cure for obesity is known. And the Super-Fast Plan is the way to cure obesity and the devastating health issues associated with obesity. It will work for you, your spouse, your parents, or your teens.



You Will Love The Way You Feel On The Super-Fast Plan And Find That You…



Have long-lasting energy


♦ Break Free from self limitations and low self-esteem


Feel confident and attractive


♦ Feel mentally clear with no afternoon crash


Renew your life again and recapture the drive you thought had passed you by



The Time To Win At Weight Loss Is Now. Take Control Of Your Weight Problem Today!



Stop making the same weight loss mistakes over and over again. Change will come when you change your system. The Super-Fast Weight Loss System is a totally different approach to weight loss. We have gone through the trial and error for you and now you can follow along as we take you by the hand through our revolutionary weight loss approach that took us 20 years to pull together? By following our plan you speed your weight loss by years! And, save all of the frustration and money lost trying to follow the same old tired weight loss advise.


Take any successful person and you will see that they reached their level of success by following the methods of others who already achieved what they wanted. With our plan, you have an opportunity to not only learn from Dr. Keith’s success but that of others who have turned their lives around. The time to win at weight loss is now. Why spend one more day struggling through this problem alone? Take back control today with our proven weight loss plan.



We Will Give You The Exact Method That Dr. Keith And Others Have Used To Achieve Fast And Lasting Weight Loss



The Super-Fast Plan is not some fad diet designed to lighten your wallet and do little for your body. Both Dr. Keith and I used this system and still follow it. We practice what we preach and better yet, we share this same plan with the patients that come into our office.


We have been through the tests and trials. We know what it is like to feel the disappointment and frustration of failed weight loss plans. We have wasted time and money on worthless diet solutions and we have come out on the other side. You do not have to take the same broken road that we took.


You have a clear choice, you can let us take you by the hand and teach you the true way to lose weight faster than ever before or you can keep searching for that magic pill.



If You ORDER TODAY I Will Include These Exclusive Bonus Gifts Worth AT LEAST $145.00!


Bonus Gift #1:

super fast recipes

Delicious Super-Fast Recipes from Breakfast To Dessert!


You will receive a complete set of recipes designed to taste great and accelerate your weight loss.


This book of recipes will make your life simple and your diet to die for!The recipes involves no sacrifices, each recipe has been hand-picked from our personal collection and includes favorites from our patients.

This bonus also includes a full list of foods to choose for the fastest results. With over 200 foods to choose from your diet will never get boring.



Bonus Gift #2:

super fast bonus


Think and Grow Thin!



This is more than a bonus, this will become your secret weapon to finally sticking with and following through on your weight loss plan. If you have tried diets in the past but had trouble staying with the plan long enough for the results to show, then this bonus report is for you!


Your thoughts are always impacting your eating decisions and they will either move you toward your goal or away from it.Here is what’s waiting for you inside Think and Grow Thin…

• Simple strategies to stop sabotaging your weight loss success

•The crucial first step to weight loss that almost everyone overlooks

• The way to destroy temptation using the Divide and Conquer Strategy

• The method to letting go of old habits so there is room for new

• 3 simple techniques you can implement today to stop overeating

You will definitely want this information before you start losing weight!



7 Simple Tricks For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Bonus Gift #3:

7 Simple Tricks For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Now that the weight is off…Keep It OFF!

This easy to follow special bonus is all you need for life long weight control. Contrary to the doom and gloom stories you may have been told you CAN keep Your weight off after losing it. In fact, the forecast is downright sunny when you follow the tips in this report.

By following these strategies you will discover that you can live your life at your ideal weight with very little effort. These are the exact things I do every day to maintain the 40+ pound weight loss I achieved over a decade ago.




Here’s The Bottom Line…


Over the years I have made a name for myself not only in my area but also around the world. Thanks to the web, I became the top contributor of weight loss articles for the leading article website on the Internet.


I have no problem telling you that Dr. Keith and I are very sharp health professionals; we have been recognized in and outside of our field for our clinical and research skills.


Our goal is to work for you. 90% of our day is spent working for our clients. The bottom line is not only will we help you get to your goal weight as quick as humanly possible, we will also teach you how to keep the weight off by simplifying your life and the way you eat.


Many times the breakdown happens when a diet becomes too complicated and does not allow you to live a normal life, so we have worked out these problems for you in advance.


The entire program is very inexpensive and you can return it for your money back within the first 60 days if you are not satisfied for any reason.


But really I want you to email me personally, if you are having any problems at all. My email address is shared a number of times throughout the report. I am easy to get a hold of and I do get back to you. I am willing to back up this report with a money-back guarantee, but ultimately I would rather see you succeed.


You can shop the Internet for diet plans, but I promise you will not find another plan written by two doctor’s with 40+ years of experiencing helping patients. At worse, you will find plans written by self-appointed diet gurus who haven’t even tried the diet they are recommending. This plan is what we use at home and what we recommend to the patients that walk through the front door of our clinic.


You spent many years creating the body you now live in and within 2 short months you can change things around and you will wonder how you ever made it through a day without this amazing system working for you.


So here’s all you need to do. Click on the Get Access Now Button directly below and fill out the needed information, it only takes a couple of minutes. When you have that done we will send you INSTANT ACCESS to the complete Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan along with all three bonuses.



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Time doesn’t wait, start today and in 2 months you will be lighter guaranteed. Patients in our clinic gladly pay $495.00 for the same plan you could be holding in your hands in the next five minutes. The price is currently $47 but this price could increase with new additions to the program. Order today and you will receive any and all updates to this plan at no cost to you.


Your order will be handled through Clickbank’s secure server and the complete Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan will be delivered directly to you IMMEDIATELY along with the recipes, and bonus reports.


Click Here To Download Now – Instant Access

Even If It Is 2 o’clock in the morning and get instant access


I encourage you to order this report and read it through then use all of the tactics and strategies outlined.  If for any reason over the next 60 days you do not feel completely satisfied with it, then I will refund your complete payment.  You have absolutely no risk!


You won’t have to work out a plan because we already did that for you. This weight loss plan is unique because this is not going to be a distraction for you, it doesn’t matter how busy your life currently is or how much weight you have to lose. This program is going to help punch you out of the bag you might currently be in and build your momentum until you are unstoppable.


With each passing day your weight will decrease and your energy and motivation will increase. Your success will build more success until your results snowball and you realize that you have found a plan that you can enjoy and use for the rest of your life.



You Will Be Completely Satisfied or I will Give You Your Money-Back Guaranteed



I truly believe this plan will work for you and I am willing to back that promise up with a full 60-day no hassle money-back guarantee. I want you to try the program completely. Test the recipes, follow the plan and if for any reason you are not thrilled with the weight loss results you achieve, then send me an email or submit a support ticket to Clickbank and I will refund your money and you keep the program.


Yes, some people take advantage of this generous offer, but we are willing to put up with a few dishonest folks to make sure that you get what you want. The bottom line is we earn your satisfaction or you don’t pay.



You Are Ready…



You can begin today knowing nothing and in less than 2months you can lose up to 43 pounds.


Look ahead, what will be happening in your life two month from now? Do you have a vacation planned? Is there someone in your life that you would like to meet? Will you be asking for that promotion or looking for new position? How much would the added self-esteem boost of looking and feeling your best mean to you over the next 2 months?


Life can change quickly, start today and in two month you will have the energy and confidence you need and deserve.


I hope my letter has been helpful to you. I am passionate about the work I do with clients and I hope that some of that passion is reflected in this letter. I truly believe this plan will work for you if you give it a chance.


I wish you Much Success!


To Years of Better Health,


Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Doctor of Chiropractic

University Professor


Certified Wellness Coach


P.S. You can get a hold of me at any time if you have questions or concerns my email is  Super-Fast Weight Loss works because there are real health care professionals behind it. This is not a “here today-gone tomorrow” fad diet. We work this plan every day in our office and our home and our dedication to you is strong. If you have any questions, even before you purchase the plan, feel free to send me an email and I will give you the attention you need.


P.S.S. Remember, that you can try the entire Super-Fast Weight Loss Plan for 60 days and if you are not satisfied with the amount of weight you lose, your money is returned – no questions asked. That means you can lose weight, try the recipes and benefit from the bonus reports with absolutely no risk. We offer this because we are confident our program will work for you.



Click Here To Download Now – Instant Access

Even If It Is 2 o’clock in the morning and get instant access

NOTE: Super-Fast Weight Loss is a completely downloadable series of e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The format for all e-books is PDF. You will be able to view these e-books with ease on either a Mac or PC.